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A Working Server!
A Working Server!



  • Internet access (a full 100 player server uses roughly 4Mbps upstream)
  • A forwarded UDP Port (7777 is default) | Guide
  • A static IP address is nice to have, but not necessary

Setting Up the Server

Obtaining the Files

The first step to setting up your samp server is to download the Windows Server files from the SA-MP downloads page you'll find the current version of the Windows Server files under the Windows Server header - click one of the download links to begin downloading, make sure to put the file somewhere where you can remember it easily.

Configuring your Server

Once the files are downloaded, extract (using program that can extract .rar files) the files (there's no need to have them in a certain folder, as the server doesn't need to see whether you have GTA:SA and SA-MP installed to run itself). Now, proceed to editing your server.cfg file.

Find server.cfg in the root folder for your server files and open it in Notepad or other text editor. This file should appear to you as readable English. This file is for the configuration of your server, here you can specify if lanmode is on or off, the max players, the server port, host name, game modes, filterscripts*, weburl and your rcon password.

Executing the Server

Once you have configured your server you can run it. To run it you can simply just click samp-server.exe and your server will be running.


If you want to connect your server to a local area network, click here

Keeping the Server Online

With limited anti-crash options available in the SA-MP Server, there is a large possibility of receiving Segmentation Faults or any other error generated by your (Pawn) gamemode. This will shutdown the server, and you'll have to start it up yourself again.

This program will restart the samp-server.exe process if the SA-MP server crashes. All you need to do is to save a textfile with the ending .bat with the following content:

goto start

Put the file into the directory where samp-server.exe is located and start it. Type exit into the server console to test if it is working.