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Current Server Version (0.3z R2-2)

Release Date: 12/04/2014

This update is for servers only. The client is still 0.3z R1.

Current Client Version (0.3z)

Release Date: 13/02/2014

The current client version is 0.3z. This update was mainly a security update, but also contained a few new and improved features.


  • Shots fired by players are now lag compensated, meaning you can aim at the skin instead of lead aiming.
  • The auto-aim/lock on feature for joypad users is now disabled.
  • Fixed problem where long distance shots might go missing.
  • Nametags can no longer be seen through server-created objects.
  • Fixed: players could not be shot while surfing a vehicle.


Previous Versions

The 0.3 Branch

Version 0.3x

Release Date: 31/01/2013

  • A new model preview system allows servers to show images of player skins, vehicles, and object models (including weapons) on-screen.
  • The draw distance of objects can be set to any distance (with CreateObject), which can be used to reduce pop-in in custom areas.
  • Improvements to object and material colour changing.
  • A better synced animation for players carrying objects (SPECIAL_ACTION_CARRY).
  • Vehicle friendly fire system for servers that use teams (EnableVehicleFriendlyFire).
  • Some new hat and hair objects added.
  • Many important changes to SA-MP's networking system which reduces network overhead and improves security for server owners.
  • An hourglass icon will now appear beside paused players' nametags (can be toggled with /nametagstatus).
  • Car colours 128-255 have been replaced with some more exotic colours. Some colours in this range were previously usable, but most were the same colour and not synced. The entire colour set has been revamped.

Version 0.3e

Release Date: 08/05/2012

  • Many minor bug fixes including security updates.
  • Loads of new objects for mapping, including walls and houses.
  • Servers can now change the textures and colours of objects.
  • New scripting features for greater control over the game's camera.
  • New tools make it easier to edit attached objects.
  • New animation and model for being cuffed/arrested.
  • Text functions for creating custom signs.
  • Servers have the ability to enable the mouse cursor so you can click on images/text.

Version 0.3d

Release Date: 01/12/2011

  • Support for Shoutcast/Icecast audio streams.
  • Major performance improvements and smoother game-play.
  • Improvements to sync, including vehicle passengering and motorbikes.
  • New models, including a replacement mall, hot air balloon, fireman hats.
  • You can surf on objects attached to moving objects and objects attached to vehicles.
  • Servers can remove static buildings from the map.
  • Moving objects can now rotate smoothly.
  • Many new scripting functions and callbacks for SA-MP servers.

Version 0.3c

Release Date: 29/12/2010

  • A redesigned car license plate system
  • Particle objects for effects like fire
  • Includes new and re-worked models like hats and glasses which can be worn
  • Includes new stunting objects and buildings
  • Improved vehicle/object surfing
  • The vehicle engines and lights can now be controlled by the server
  • You can now passenger drive-by with almost any weapon
  • Font colour changing in the chat and dialog boxes
  • Quite a few server scripting improvements and bug fixes also

Version 0.3b

Release Date: 21/08/2010


  • Added /headmove command to disable/enable player head movements locally
  • Negative player score in the browser will show as 0
  • Removed the ability of the player to pick up objects in houses like TV's and stereos
  • Fixed issue with weapon aiming vectors across different screen resolutions
  • Fixed issue with player 3D text labels not showing after gamemode restart
  • Fixed crash if you quit the game while spectating a player
  • Fixed error in browser with samp:// URL when the port was 5 characters long
  • Fixed name tag rendering on RC vehicles
  • Fixed issue with pickup streaming when the player dies
  • Added head movement incar
  • Chat logging
  • Improved player and animation syncing
  • Improved vehicle syncing
  • Files, including screenshots, now save to '/My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files'
  • No restrictions on screen resolution size
  • Any frame limiter changes are now saved
  • Chat time-stamping with the /timestamp command


  • forcesync (0-2) option for ApplyAnimation
  • Upgraded sqlite version to
  • Added server password resetting when console input is 'password 0'
  • Improvements to GetPlayerWeaponData and GetPlayerAmmo
  • New vehicle velocity and rotation functions
  • Ability to track all applied animations using GetPlayerAnimationIndex
  • Players can be scripted to hold objects
  • A threaded HTTP client for pawn (beta)
  • New object limit of 400
  • The ability to change the draw distance of objects (up to 300 units)
  • NPCs can now record custom set animations
  • Increased PVar lookup speed

Version 0.3a

Release Date: 17/10/2009

  • Up to 500 players per server and up to 2000 vehicles.
  • New mouse driven scoreboard, chat and other UIs.
  • Visible vehicle damage and vehicle repairing.
  • NPC bots that can drive trains, planes and more.
  • Completely server controlled game play.
  • Improved sync including vehicle surfing.
  • Many new scripting features.
  • Many bug and crash fixes - SA-MP 0.3a is the most stable version yet!

The 0.2 Branch

Version 0.2X

Release Date: 20/11/2008

  • Fixed insecure handling of private messages.
  • Fixed packet fragmentation/MTU issue.
  • Various security updates to the netcode and connection logic.
  • Security updates to the client binaries.
  • Removed compression from the aiming vectors to improve accuracy.
  • Added seconds to server logs and also shows raw incoming UDP connections.
  • OnVehicleMod/OnVehiclePaintjob/OnVehicleRespray includes the origin playerid.
  • Added OnPlayerUpdate, a callback fired for every player network update. This will help server-side anti-cheat.
  • Limited filterscripts to 16.

Version 0.2.2 R3 (client only)

Release Date: 20/06/2008

  • Removed all SAC code. This fixes a security vulnerability mentioned earlier.
  • Fixed problem with clipboard text not copying externally.
  • Fixed time/fog/lighting flickering when the passing of time is disabled.
  • Fixed some vehicle audio problems (silent cars/planes/boats/helis).
  • Fixed texture lag/streaming popups when many models were loaded.
  • Fixed some car mod shop crashes.
  • Alternate siren for police vehicles is now synced.
  • TextDraw code is completely rewritten. It now works in interiors and will disable with the scoreboard.
  • Crashes caused by DestroyVehicle script are fixed.
  • Imported some of the 0.3/0.2.5 vehicle surfing code.
  • Added command /fpslimit to adjust the frame rate limiter. Valid /fpslimit values are 20-100.

Version 0.2.2 R2 (client only)

Release Date: 30/08/2007

  • Some crashes related to models/pickups.
  • Collision processing issues (objects/players fall through the ground).
  • Chat window wrapping server messages.
  • Texture rendering if your graphics card uses a custom d3dx9_25.dll.

Version 0.2.2

Release Date: 29/08/2007

  • Chat window is now scrollable with upto 5 pages of text (50 lines).
  • Chat window now wraps text properly over multiple lines.
  • Chat entry improved, it allows upto 128 character messages, supports selection, copy and paste etc.
  • All text rendering has been heavily optimised. Chat text now has no noticable impact on framerate.
  • Name tags cannot be seen through walls/objects.
  • A car mod shop crash applying certain car mods has been fixed.
  • Pickup limit increased to 400.
  • The server can now disable all interior entrances/exits.
  • Native sqlite database support for pawn. Sqlite is a lightweight alternative to the mysql plugin.
  • The name tag drawing distance can be set from the server.
  • Insane stunt bonuses can be toggled on/off by the server.
  • Various netcode security updates.
  • 0.2.2 will use the second major version of SAC.
  • Player head movement sync added. Player's characters will look in the direction their camera is looking.
  • A new cellphone action enables players to hold a cellphone and look like they're on a call (useful for pen1 based scripts).
  • New usable skins; Tenpenny, Pulaski, Hernandez, Ryder, Smoke, Sweet, Mafia Boss.
  • Bandwidth and ped sync improvements. 0.2.2 will consume less server bandwidth than 0.2.1.
  • Fixed bug with setting player colors of players 100,101,102.
  • Increased timeouts to prevent connection loss.
  • Decreased CPU time required to process vehicles on the client.
  • Fixed animation problem with fire hydrant and spray can.
  • Fixed nametags with no player issue.
  • Fixed an issue where the client wasn't displaying "You are banned", "Server is full." messages.

Version 0.2.1 R2 (server only)

Release Date: 25/07/2007

  • Added protecting of bot attack.
  • Added SAC (SA-MP anti-cheat).

Version 0.2.1

Release Date: 24/06/2007

  • Few bugfixes of 0.2 release.

Version 0.2

Release Date: 20/06/2007

  • CreateObject
  • SetObjectPosition
  • SetObjectRotation
  • GetObjectPosition
  • GetObjectRotation
  • DeleteObject
  • Get/SetPlayerArmour
  • GetPlayerArmedWeapon
  • Get/SetPlayerArmour
  • SetPlayerMarker
  • Set/RemovePlayerMapIcon
  • LinkVehicleToInterior
  • Get/SetPlayerAmmo
  • GetPlayerInterior
  • Get/SetGravity
  • EnableTyrePopping
  • CallRemoteFunction
  • AllowPlayerTeleport
  • AllowAdminTeleport
  • GetPlayerWeaponData
  • Attach/DetachTrailerToVehicle
  • Create/DestroyVehicle
  • Get/SetVehicleHealth
  • RCon BANIP added
  • Fixed Filterscript return in OnPlayerText having no effect
  • Admins can now teleport to places by right*clicking somewhere on the map
  • Parachutes being opened in cars fixed
  • Tire popping synced
  • Fixed drivebys not syncing occasionally
  • Race*styled checkpoints
  • Scripts can now toggle interior weapons being allowed
  • Trailers
  • Changable weather
  • Throwable weapons now work (note: no satchel charges)
  • Kick/ban now properly disconnects the user
  • OnPlayerDisconnect now informed of reason
  • Dynamically created vehicles
  • Tank turret sync
  • Interscript communication
  • Trains re*introduced
  • Improved text entry
  • Players drop weapons when they die
  • Fixed the bug where two players can enter the car as driver
  • Server*side car position saving
  • Re*introduced object scripting stuff
  • Filterscript timers are not killed after a game mode restart/change
  • Fixed the server crash concerning the samp.ban file having empty lines
  • Pickups are now reset on game mode change
  • OnGameModeInit and OnGameModeExit implemented for filterscripts
  • Fixed OnFilterScriptExit not being called
  • Given Rcon access to PAWN Commands
  • Empty /pm or /msg causing a local crash now fixed
  • New Rcon command: players, which shows the player's name and IP
  • Fixed a crash where you enter a car mod shop in debug mode
  • New scripting commands: GetPlayerPing, GetPlayerIP, and GetPlayerWeapon
  • server_log.txt is flushed instantly, instead delayed
  • server_log.txt is appended, instead of rewritten
  • Improving support for weapons
  • Synced reloading
  • Instagib
  • Friendly fire
  • SetTimerEx, CallRemoteFunction, and CallLocalFunction
  • CreateExplosion
  • "white health bar" bug fixed
  • Weather
  • Per player time
  • Objects
  • Virtual worlds
  • Pedestrian Animations
  • Support for 200 players / 700 vehicles / 70 different types of vehicles
  • Gangzones
  • Text Draw
  • Menus
  • Callbacks
  • Wanted Level
  • Desync Weapons
  • Reduced area chat / chat message pawn function
  • GetPlayerKeys
  • GetPlayerAngle and GetVehicleAngle with all the supported angles
  • A working OnVehicleDeath
  • A fixed GetVehiclePos
  • A working PutPlayerInVehicle
  • Scripting Animations (SetPlayerSpecialAction(), ApplyAnimation() and ClearAnimations() pawn functions)
  • RC Vehicles
  • OnPlayerPickUpPickup
  • SetPlayerName
  • SetVehicleNumberPlate
  • SetVehicleVirtualWorld
  • GetVehicleVirtualWorld
  • Windowed Mode (alt+enter)

The 0.1 Branch

Version 0.1b R2 (server only)

Release Date: 17/02/2007

  • Fixed few server crashes.
  • Player IP recorded on connect.

Version 0.1b

Release Date: 21/05/2006

  • Client/server crash fixes
  • Bugfixes for the browser

Version 0.1

Release Date: 09/05/2006

  • First public release
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